Welcome To The Fennel Project

Fennel is a library of C++ components for data storage and processing. It serves as the "bottom half" of the companion Farrago project, but is also independently usable as a standalone library in applications requiring high-performance data management.


Fennel is open-source software licensed under the GNU GPL.


Downloads and Contributions

The Eigenbase download page lists the available packages and where to download them. It also has information on how to access the Perforce server for the latest code.

To browse recent checkins, see p4web. If you'd like to contribute, please join the developer mailing list.


The project is hosted at SourceForge under the auspices of The Eigenbase Project.

The source code is hosted in the Eigenbase Perforce server. A big thanks to Perforce for providing us with a free-as-in-beer license. Likewise JIRA for issue tracking from Atlassian.

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