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struct  InputData
 Structure for passing input data corresponding to bitmap inputs and expected result. More...
struct  BitmapInput
 Structure containing information about the constructed bitmaps corresponding the inputs and expected result. More...
class  NumberStream
 Interface for defining a stream of numbers. More...
class  SkipNumberStream
 From (first . More...
class  UnionNumberStream
 Unions multiple number streams from 1 . More...
struct  LbmNumberStreamInput
 Combines a NumberStream with other attributes used to make test data. More...
class  NumberStreamExecStreamGenerator
class  LbmExecStreamTestBase
 LbmExecStreamTestBase is the base class for tests of bitmap exec streams. More...


typedef boost::shared_ptr<


static const std::string traceName = "net.sf.fennel.test.lbm"

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<NumberStream> SharedNumberStream

Definition at line 84 of file LbmExecStreamTestBase.h.

Variable Documentation

const std::string traceName = "net.sf.fennel.test.lbm" [static]

Definition at line 263 of file LbmExecStreamTestBase.h.

Referenced by LbmExecStreamTestBase::getTraceName(), ExecStreamGraphEmbryo::prepareGraph(), and LbmLoadBitmapTest::testLoad().

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