CalcInit Class Reference

#include <CalcInit.h>

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static CalcInitinstance ()
 CalcInit: Call once at start of world to set up instruction factories and other boot time setup.

Static Private Attributes

static CalcInit_instance

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file CalcInit.h.

Member Function Documentation

CalcInit * CalcInit::instance (  )  [static]

CalcInit: Call once at start of world to set up instruction factories and other boot time setup.

Warning: Not thread safe

Definition at line 35 of file CalcInit.cpp.

References _instance, ExtCastRegister(), ExtDateTimeRegister(), ExtDynamicVariableRegister(), ExtMathRegister(), ExtRegExpRegister(), ExtStringRegister(), ExtWinAggFuncRegister(), InstructionFactory::getExtendedInstructionTable(), and InstructionFactory::registerInstructions().

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Member Data Documentation

FENNEL_BEGIN_NAMESPACE CalcInit * CalcInit::_instance [static, private]

Definition at line 37 of file CalcInit.h.

Referenced by instance().

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