InstructionDescription Class Reference

Description of an instruction. More...

#include <InstructionDescription.h>

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Public Member Functions

 InstructionDescription (string const &nameArg, vector< RegDesc > const &registerdescArg, InstructionCreateFunction createFnArg)
void setName (string const &s)
string getName () const

Private Types

typedef Instruction *(*) InstructionCreateFunction (vector< RegisterReference * > const &)
 InstructionCreateFunction is a pointer to the create() public member function supported by all Instructions.

Private Attributes

string name
vector< RegDescregisterdesc
InstructionCreateFunction createFn
TProgramCounter pc

Detailed Description

Description of an instruction.

(Contrasted with an ExtendedInstruction.)

Definition at line 78 of file InstructionDescription.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Instruction*(*) InstructionDescription::InstructionCreateFunction(vector< RegisterReference * > const &) [private]

InstructionCreateFunction is a pointer to the create() public member function supported by all Instructions.

Definition at line 84 of file InstructionDescription.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InstructionDescription::InstructionDescription ( string const &  nameArg,
vector< RegDesc > const &  registerdescArg,
InstructionCreateFunction  createFnArg 
) [inline, explicit]

Definition at line 88 of file InstructionDescription.h.

00091                                                :
00092         name(nameArg),
00093         registerdesc(registerdescArg),
00094         createFn(createFnArg)
00095     {
00096     }

Member Function Documentation

void InstructionDescription::setName ( string const &  s  )  [inline]

Definition at line 98 of file InstructionDescription.h.

00099     {
00100         name = s;
00101     }

string InstructionDescription::getName (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 103 of file InstructionDescription.h.

00104     {
00105         return name;
00106     }

Member Data Documentation

string InstructionDescription::name [private]

Definition at line 109 of file InstructionDescription.h.

vector<RegDesc> InstructionDescription::registerdesc [private]

Definition at line 110 of file InstructionDescription.h.

InstructionCreateFunction InstructionDescription::createFn [private]

Definition at line 111 of file InstructionDescription.h.

Instruction* InstructionDescription::inst [private]

Definition at line 112 of file InstructionDescription.h.

TProgramCounter InstructionDescription::pc [private]

Definition at line 113 of file InstructionDescription.h.

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