JniPseudoUuidGenerator Class Reference

#include <JniUtil.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void generateUuid (PseudoUuid &pseudoUuid)
 Generates a new UUID value.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 581 of file JniUtil.h.

Member Function Documentation

void JniPseudoUuidGenerator::generateUuid ( PseudoUuid pseudoUuid  )  [virtual]

Generates a new UUID value.

pseudoUuid receives the generated value

Reimplemented from PseudoUuidGenerator.

Definition at line 572 of file JniUtil.cpp.

References JniUtil::classUUID, JniUtil::methRandomUUID, PseudoUuid::parse(), JniUtil::toStdString(), and JniUtil::toString().

00573 {
00574     JniEnvAutoRef pEnv;
00575     jobject jUuid = pEnv->CallStaticObjectMethod(
00576         JniUtil::classUUID,
00577         JniUtil::methRandomUUID);
00578     jstring jsUuid = JniUtil::toString(pEnv, jUuid);
00579     std::string sUuid = JniUtil::toStdString(pEnv, jsUuid);
00580     pseudoUuid.parse(sUuid);
00581 }

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